Mushroom Warrior
Photo of Alex Lyras by Mark Gilmore
unequalibrium recounts five hysterical lives bound for collision during one of New York City's nastiest snow storms.

Like the tempest that links them, the monologues escalate toward a unifying climax that is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying. A science teacher shaken by an impending sabbatical, a Greek plumber with a fail-safe Black-Jack system, a laid-off web-designer burning through wireless minutes with a confrontational girlfriend, and a criminally minded defense attorney stumbling into a botched murder/robbery.

Off-balance in their own way, the lives exposed in unequalibrium come full circle in a single chance event. At the storm's height, the straight-laced scientist witnesses the crisis that pierces each character's veil and instantly connects these four lives, forever. Teetering on the brink of insanity, life itself is grasped the only way it should ever be: tightly and with both hands.